Week 12 Out of Class

We are creating an interactive interface that uses futuristic technology to teach people of all ages how to cook, and how to cook well. It incorporates audio, visual and kinesthetic learning styles to make this possible for such a wide range of users. This technology offers the option to cook with multiple people- whether someone wants to join a cooking club or a grandmother wishes to cook alongside her young grandchild, while cooking alone is still an option.

The system that we are creating includes the use of an intuitive watch, and chip technology working together simultaneously to create a simple learning experience. Some of the most important features of this system include, as previously mentioned, the option to choose whether you are cooking alone, with a partner or with a group. You can then decide how many servings you would like to make and the watch will use mathematical technology to change the measurements to the appropriate amount. If you are unsure about what recipe you might like best, the watch includes tastebud technology. If you touch the screen and then lick your finger, you will be able to experience what the finished dish will taste like.

Once the chips have already been strategically placed into your pots, you’re ready to cook. When making the recipe, you will have the option to either have the recipe spoken audibly, or you may just read it at your own pace. To make the measuring and cutting process simpler, which are common struggles, the strategically placed chips will project measuring guide lines onto the sides of your pot and guidelines while cutting (to ensure that you don’t cut your produce too thin or too thick). For added ease of cutting correctly and safely, the chip placed on the knife (using body-heat technology) will warn you, via gentle vibration, when you are holding your knife incorrectly.

The last, and potentially the most helpful feature of this system include holographic-projection technology. While cooking, instead of continuously leaving your mixing pot to check your recipe for the next step, you have the option to use a hologram, which will be projected in front of you, as well as the audible technology as previously mentioned.

Once you think that you are finished with your dish, you can use the intelligent-tastebud technology again to experience what the dish is supposed to taste like, compared to how it actually tastes. Spices and seasonings can then be added to taste.

Voila! You have made a delicious dish, you have gained cooking experience and you have used some awesome technology!


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