Week 13A

Today in class we presented our ideas to the class (as seen in the last post). Some of the suggestions that we received were to create a smart surface instead of using a bunch of chips and such. We were also told that it might be cool to make use of the backsplash and that flat space- maybe the directions are there. Another idea that we were given was to have a hologram over the island – coming down from maybe a hanging pot rack. And the last idea that we were offered was to maybe use the ideas of using various stations- a cooking station, mixing station, cutting station, etc.

After receiving this feedback, we agreed with getting rid of the chips inside of the pot. We discussed making a clear acrylic sheet that would go on top of the counter that would heat your pots, turn into a cutting station (cut safe), we like induction, so it would not be hot to the touch and might also be self sanitizing. We also discussed having the watch be self sanitizing. Below are some images that we were influenced by:




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