Week 14B

Today, Professor Pannafino was unable to make it to class, so we met during class time to discuss our ideas, refine our storyboarding, etc.

As requested, above are our meeting pictures showing that we met during class.

We spent most of class coming up with a more detailed look at what the interface will look like.  We drew inspiration from the gestures used in Her, and from the Cover Flow list option that Apple provides in its OSX interface.

Based on this, we did the following interface sketches:

We went through the process of making an omelette.  Our interface will be mostly gesture-based with elements of audio integration as well.

Over the weekend, we made a plan to get major screen design done.  We also divvied up some smaller tasks between the 5 of us:

  • Flow chart refinement: Erica
  • Storyboard refinement: Megan
  • Final context photography: Gabi
  • Logo/name design: Alyssa (lettering) and Sara (illustration)

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