Week 15 Out of Class

Before we actually recorded our first volumetric projection, we referred to this video in order to get an idea how to do it. Here is a gif of our test video:



We met on Saturday morning to shoot some sample video footage, and we discussed creating the gifs for all the different omelettes.  After shooting the videos, I went to the lab and worked on creating the Photoshop files.  Below are 2 out of 4 finished gifs:



Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 2.52.11 PM.png

This would be the screen you would see after your tongue scan. It includes the following:

  • a greeting with the date and time
  • a breakdown of your taste preferences based on the scan of your tastebuds
  • a chart tracking your taste preferences and how they change each month
  • current allergy information
  • a prompt from Cheffrey based on your taste preferences

There’s some negative space that could still be utilized and some things that could be rearranged, but for now I think we are on the right track.


This weekend I went in and added a little more detail to Sara’s designs and also added two more. This is what we have for now:



I was tasked with taking the interface screens from Erica, Sara, and Gabi as well as the gifs from Alyssa and animate everything in AfterEffects. I used the same technique and video reference as the apple projection I made previously this weekend (top of the blog post). For this, I animated both the volumetric plates and the tongue scan. In some areas it looks a little rough and am looking into ways to smooth it out to to make it seem more realistic.

Recipe Selection

Tongue Scanner


Since we redesigned most of our interface, I worked on the recipe information that would show up on the wall when the user is swiping through the various plate holograms. Although I think this information should be plain and simple, I tried to add some boxes and glows around different elements in order to make the design look more futuristic. Since we no longer needed the omelette image on this screen, there was more negative space to fill with “futuristic design elements.” (Easier said than done)

I still think there is a lot of negative space, even inside of the boxes, but I’m having trouble figuring out what to add so that the design doesn’t look so busy that it distracts from the basic information that it is displaying.



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