Week 15B

In class on Tuesday, we decided to rework our idea to make it more futuristic.  We went to the middle room to create new ideations and brainstorm:

In the first image, you can see our new idea of how the recipes would be displayed.  Having everything on-screen was making the design feel not futuristic enough and more like an app, so we decided to have volumetic projections of a plate of food on the cooktop so the user could swipe through a little more naturally and organically.

In the second image, we created kind of a walkthrough of using the interface.

  • Step 1
    • You scan your tongue as a way of identification into the app
    • Your fridge, pantry, and any other place food is stored is scanned for any available food at this time as well
    • Once your tongue is scanned, an overview appears on screen that tells you about your tastebuds & descriptions of the 5 major taste groups, allergies, etc.  After you’ve read this screen you can choose to enter the interface
  • Step 2
    • The welcome screen
    • This screen gives you the option to view suggested recipes based on available ingredients & your tastebuds, or you can search other recipes to make/save for later
      • “Based on your available ingredients and current taste bud scan, we’ve found these recipes for you.”
  • Step 3
    • This screen describes the recipe selection screen
    • Each plate would be spinning on its own axis and the user would swipe through naturally.  You would have the option to sort things by different categories, which would be voice-activated
    • The name of the recipe and a preview would be on the back screen, so users could get a preview of everything they’d need to make the recipe.  As you swipe through the recipes, the preview would change to match whichever recipe was directly in front of the user
    • To select a recipe, you’d place the “plate” onto the cooktop, and the next screen would come up
  • Step 4
    • This screen is the ingredient collection screen
    • A volumetric projection of each ingredient would appear on cooktop and disappear when the ingredient is placed down
    • There would also be a utensil collection screen after this screen is complete, we didn’t draw it though because it would be exactly the same as the ingredient selection screen
    • Cheffrey would read the ingredients and/or utensils aloud to you
    • Also the counter would identify each ingredient/utensil as it is placed onto the counter
  • Step 5
    • The instructions would be displayed on screen, one-by-one
    • Cheffrey would read them aloud to you, and you could ask the instructions be repeated if necessary

Some examples of techniques from the readings that we’d be using are:

  • Volumetric projection
  • Layering & transparency
  • File management systems
  • Turn & rotate



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