Reading Connections

  • Chapter 3: Visual Interfaces
    • Layers & Transparency (p. 51)
      • The projections of recipes on Cheffrey’s recipe selection screen are transparent projections.
    • Transparent Displays (p. 51)
      • The screens for Cheffrey are transparent displays projected onto the wall.
    • File Management Systems (p. 58)
      • Cheffrey has an option to save recipes that the user makes, and uses a file management system to organize these recipes.
    • Motion Graphics (p. 62)
      • Various screens on Cheffrey’s interface have secondary animations and motions.

  • Chapter 4: Volumetric Projection
    • The recipe selection projections for Cheffrey are made up of volumetric projections which display plates of food for the user.

  • Chapter 5: Gesture
    • Turn to Rotate (p. 98)
      • To scroll through recipes using Cheffrey, users must scroll through rotating volumetric projections of plates.

  • Chapter 6: Sonic Interfaces
    • Voice Interfaces (p. 115)
      • Cheffrey uses both visual and sonic elements to display information to users.  
      • Cheffrey uses elements of Limited-Command Voice Interfaces (p. 118) and Conversational Voice Interfaces (p. 120).  The user uses a slightly more limited vocabulary when talking to Cheffrey, but Cheffrey has a conversational element to it as well as to not feel so robotic and stiff.

  • Chapter 8: Augmented Reality

    • Context Awareness (p. 165)
      • Cheffrey’s system is aware of the users around it and the available ingredients inside of the house.  Cheffrey uses motion activation to sense users, and scanning technology to recognize food.

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